How to use Veracity Martial Arts Video Tutorials

Questions & Answers. (Q means Question and A means Answer).

Q. How to join? A. Go on "Join Us" and follow the straightforward set instructions.

Q. How to block nuisance and annoying member(s)? A. Find their user page and click on "Block User."

Q. Remove abusive/unrelated posts and groups? A. Contact us/or use report form, and we will promptly banish the offensive material and terminate users account(s).

Q. Can members upload tutorial videos? A. Unfortunately not. Due to the sensitive nature and high quality we expect, only officials can have this privilege. Any users attempt to upload, or add any unwanted video material, will result in immediate termination of their account and deletion of unwelcome video(s).

Q. How to add friend(s)? A. Find their user page and click on "Add As Friend."

Q. How to send member a message? A. Find user(s) profile, and fill in subject and content then click on "Send Message."

Q. How to report user(s)? A. Find their profile and click on "Report This User" and select appropriate abuse content available.

Q. Can inappropriate comments left on user profile(s) be removed? Yes, personal adjustments can be made to disable abusive comments, or just ask us and we will remove just the sole negative comments instead.

Q. Join a group? A. Go on particular group page and click "Join." Please be aware, some are private and thus need the permission of the creator to join.

Q. Can members create their own group, or discussion forum? Yes, but under the strictest condition that they are only about mma, martial arts, self defense, etc. Anything else that does not fall into this category will be deleted and user account(s) terminated.

Q. Believe there is a certain self defense technique(s) video tutorial missing? A. Contact us and we will create one that is suitable.

Q. Should student(s) neglect dojo training and concentrate more on video tutorials? A. Video tutorials is intended as an extra resource only, and should not be substituted for teaching under an actual qualified mma instructor or professional mma lessons.

Q. Can student(s) sell, promote, distribute video tutorials? A. Video tutorials are the sole property, and exclusive ownership of Veracity Martial Arts. And using them for unsuitable measures mentioned are strictly forbidden, which including copyright infringement, and other questionable purposes. 

Q. Unsure or unclear about certain aspects of a video technique(s). A. Contact us, (this website only) and we will be happy to explain technique(s) in greater clarity and end student(s) confusion.

Q. How to change password? A. When log into user account. Click on change password, enter old password then new password twice, click "Change Password."

Q. How to add/or change account avatar? A. Login, and go to your account. Click "Change Avatar". (Delete image already there if required click on box "Delete This Image"  press "Update"). Upload desired picture, and then press "Update."